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Fall News Literacy Series: Essential concepts for students to be reliably informed
Join the News Literacy Project for this free four-part professional development series and hone your skills in helping students make sense of news and other types of information. This series is generously sponsored by SmartNews.

What it means to be ‘news-literate’: Introduction to news literacy education – Oct. 6
Learn key news literacy skills that students must know to be reliably informed. These include identifying misinformation, applying fact-checking and digital verification skills, understanding standards of quality journalism, and recognizing types and forms of bias.

Exploring the misinformation landscape – Oct. 13
Learn how to teach students to stop using the term “fake news” and to identify the many types of misleading, inaccurate and false information. We use examples of misinformation to engage students in news literacy and civic learning, and introduce digital verification tools for identifying manipulated and false images. We also explain effective strategies for debunking misinformation.

Teaching digital verification to spark news literacy learning – Oct. 20
Dive into the tools and skills needed to verify the authenticity of information and learn to create engaging fact-checking missions that inspire students to investigate viral content online. Topics include using reverse image searches; using archivers to explore deleted or changed web content; developing observation skills to detect false context; and using Google Street View to confirm locations.

Understanding bias: A nuanced approach to a vital news literacy topic – Oct. 27
People frequently perceive and allege bias in news coverage, but what does this really mean? What makes a piece of news biased, and who decides? What role do our own biases play in our perceptions of bias? We'll explore this complex topic in ways that empower students to meaningfully evaluate the fairness and impartiality of news coverage.
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